Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Weighed in at 162.  In the middle of the day, fully clothed.  Went four days without a scale, so kind of just jumped right on.

Breakfast:  nothing
Lunch:  Progresso Vegetable- 140
Dinner:  nothing
Snack:  jhskjdfghfskjg chips.  300
             1 cup iced tea (low blood sugar suddenly?) 101

Total: 541

Not my worst, by far.  Not my best either.

I didn't exercise at all today, because of a supermajorawful hang over.


So I started this blog to keep track of my daily input/output.  Hopefully having followers and people supporting me will help keep me accountable.  I know that if I have to tell everyone how much I ate, then I'll eat less, to save myself from my embarrassment.

Back story:

7 years ago, when I was fourteen, I started restricting and puking whatever I did eat.  By 15/16 I was a steady 95lbs.  At 16 I was hospitalized in Hershey, PA.

17-19 I chronically restricted, keeping myself at 115.  At 20 was diagnosed with polycistic ovarian syndrome.  Gained all this weight.  21 now, and I'm tired of being fat. 

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  1. Keep up the good work :) The road to success starts with a single step. Soup is a good way to have a filling meal with not many calories. Just make sure to stay away from the cream based soups. I love the healthy choice soups, especially the tomato basil (100 cal) and Italian wedding soup (120) We are all here for you and if you need inspiration or just want to talk just go to my blog . Stay strong and make some goal weights for yourself!
    Much Love,
    <2 Sunshinechild69