Friday, February 11, 2011


Well my plan for today did not happen.  My sleeping schedule is still so screwed up, and I ended up going to bed in the morning/waking in the afternoon.

I didn't eat anything today until dinner time, when I had some brown rice, peppers and chicken.  It came to about 300 calories.  Then I had two cookies from last night, which came to about 250.

Total for today is 550, which isn't totally bad, but not totally where I'd like to be.  But I weighed in at 159 this morning, which is a pound down from last time, so I'm still feeling positive.

My good mood just can't be broken today.

I went grocery shopping this evening; this is what I got:

Red Bell Peppers
Brown Rice
Chicken Bullion
Special K
Skim Milk

I think that's it. 

Anyway, my boyfriend goes home tomorrow for a couple days, to arrive back on Monday.  Then we're celebrating our anniversary.  I'm thinking of ordering steamed veggies and white rice.  I know the calorie content will still be high, but its the best I can do when he is insisting on Chinese food, and will notice if I don't eat.

I'm going to try a liquid fast starting midnight tonight, for 24 hours.  I have plenty of water, mint tea, cinnamon apple tea, and green tea to help me through.  If its not too cold out I may go for a walk, if not its yoga and DDR for me.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Girl, you've been doing so well! 550 calories in a day is a great intake, and even though you wanted to make it less, it's always like climbing down a ladder. You'll just keep subtracting calories every day until you're where you want to be! Amazing shopping list, by the way: can you smell the weight loss in the air? :)

    Congratulations to your anniversary, sweetie. Hope the food ordering goes well :)