Thursday, February 10, 2011


We're four days away from Valentine's Day, which also happens to be my two year anniversary with Mike.  Our first Valentine's Day together, we sat at my house, watched Bill Cosby and ate Chinese food.  He says we're recreating this.

So this whole week, I've been trying to stay right around 500 calories each day.  I did really well, even through Superbowl Sunday, I ate just around that amount.

Sunday:  240
Monday:  650
Tuesday:  no food at all, just lots of alcohol =)
Wednesday: well, I recorded that here, didn't I?

So today I haven't had anything yet, but I've only been awake for about three hours.  I feel famished, but I've been distracting myself by reading these University pages.  University of Skin and Bones, or University of EDNOS.  They're closed now, but they still have they're programs and stuff up, and I'm thinking of maybe following one after Monday.

On a not-so-food-related note, I got my second fish tank all set up, and running smoothly, so tonight Mike and I are going fish shopping.  I'm excited!  First of all, I absolutely adore allll my tropical fish (I have 5 bettas, and a ten gallon community tank with catfish, snails, a frog, and tetras)  and I love expanding my collection.  I had a puffer, but he died, and now I'm excited to restock his tank, and get passed my depression after his death.  Second, they don't sell human food at pet stores! Yay!  There will be no temptation while I'm out tonight, and I always look forward to that!

Anyway, I am a HUGE animal lover.  Together Mike and I have four tropical birds, 3 fish tanks, 5 mini betta tanks, three cats, three dogs, three frogs, and a guinea pig!  Taking care of all our animals is the best distraction;  not just from food, but from anything.  My kitten helps me especially:  she loves me unconditionally and would never call me fat, ugly, dumb, worthless.  Seeing they're expressions light up absolutely makes my day.

Do you girls have any obsessions?  What keeps you girls going?

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